The interest in taking pictures came about following a health issue meaning I couldn't ride the bikes anymore so why not photograph them? Then why not photograph other things I like, wide open spaces and wildlife? And so it began. I still love taking shots as much after all these years as I did on day one. It certainly gets you to travel to many a different place.

All the content within this web site was taken using Canon cameras and len's over many years. The main subjects of interest are wildlife, landscapes and on occasion, sport, mainly motorcycle racing. My current camera gear is : 1DX MK1, 7D MK2, 1DS3,500 F4 MK2,100-400 F4/5.6, 24-105 F4 MK1, 16-35 F2.8 MK2, 1X4 Extender MK3, Gitzo and Surui tripods and heads, Jobu Design Gimbal, Corkin and Lee filters, Pinewood clothing.
Canon Photographic Equiptment